Riff Raff—the human billboard/rapper known for such jams as “Bird on a Wire” and “How to Be the Man“—is perhaps hip-hop’s most meme-able character (see: the enormous MTV logo on his neck). So it’s no surprise that the Internet has gone bananas his latest hit, “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz.” There’s already a deluge of Vines and Instagram posts referincing the track, as well as the general concept of walking gingerly in a pair of Air Jordans. This one may be our favorite:

It was all fun and games until someone went out to eat and realized that rather than leaving gratuity, he could stiff the server and make an Internet joke instead:


Someone else did the same at Applebee’s, though his execution was a little less slick:


So basically, Riff Raff is the opposite of Tips for Jesus. On behalf of servers everywhere, let’s hope that this tip-toeing approach to tipping doesn’t spread. For a full breakdown on how to tip the right way, we’ve got you covered.