We’re living in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday. To help you keep up with all the new hypebeast snacks on the scene, we’ll be doing a weekly roundup of ridiculous mashup foods you need to know about right now, and ranking them on staying power. Read on!

Ramen + Donut = Ramen Donut

Photo: Kotaku

The mashup: Donuts and ramen are so core to the mashup genre that we’re surprised it took so long for this to happen. Japanese chain Osaka Ohsho was the one to finally fuse them, although the term “donut” is a little loosely deployed here; the savory dish consists of minced meat and spicy ramen noodles encased in glaze-free fried bread.

Staying power: Low. The dish is available in Tokyo and Osaka until September 30, and we don’t anticipate this taking off overseas in its current iteration. It’s just a little too tame right now, but we bet Guy Fieri could do some real interesting things with it. (Photo: Kotaku)

Cotton Candy + Ice Cream = Cotton Candy Cone

The mashup: Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. is know for its unusual flavor combinations (tobacco, smoked chili, and huckleberry anyone?) so we’re not surprised that they’re experimenting beyond milk, cream, and eggs. This fun-looking cone has a scoop of their S’mores ice cream (smoky burnt-marshmallow base, graham cracker, chocolate, and burnt marshmallows, according to Grub Street) with a halo of smoked cotton candy—which sounds both adult and gleefully childish at the same time.

Staying power: High. Grub Street reports that the cotton candy cone is here to stay although this particular flavor will only last until October, so if you want to try it you’d best hightail over to the Williamsburg location this week.

Whisky + Haggis + Chips = Mackie’s Whisky and Haggis Potato Crisps

Photo: Facebook/ Mackie's Potato Crisps

The mashup: Scotland was very topical this week, so if you want to seem smart and relevant and stuff, get yourself some haggis flavored Mackie’s Potato Crisps. Haggis-flavored chips are great because they make you seem like an adventurous eater without having to eat anything gross. The Scottish brand actually has two haggis flavors, one with cracked black pepper and a new one with whisky.

Staying power: Medium. Haggis and whisky are actually both delicious on their own, but we’re not sure we’d choose those crisps over Mackie’s other flavors like roast ham, prawn cocktail, flamegrilled aberdeen angus, crispy bacon, or scotch bonnet chilli pepper. (Photo: Facebook/ Mackie’s Potato Crisps)

Pumpkin Spice + Hummus = Cedar’s Pumpkin Spice Hommus

Photo: Cedar's Foods

The mashup: We can’t even with the pumpkin spice right now. It started innocently enough with lattes and cupcakes, but now chewing gumyogurt, and vodka too? It’s like some evil marketing genius is working their way down a basic bitch grocery list, and now they’ve adulterated yet another Girl Food staple, because nothing is sacred. You know what happens next, right? Pumpkin spice kale chips.

Staying power: High. As much as it pains us, these ridiculous products will be around for as long as this ridiculous trend lasts. Cedar’s doesn’t even pretend that it’s not just jumping on the bandwagon: “With the recent fame Pumpkin Spice has enjoyed during the Autumn season, our family couldn’t resist adding it into our Original blend of Hommus.” We’ll probably regret saying this, but right now we can’t wait till everything switches over to stupid Christmas flavors instead. (Photo: Cedar’s Foods)

Chimichangas + Nachos = Chimichanga Nachos

Photo: Thrillist

The mashup: This brostastic recipe from Thrillist is like the nachos equivalent of a cheesy-crust pizza. It replaces tortilla chips with beef-and-cheese-stuffed mini chimichangas (a.k.a. fried burritos), because the idea that toppings go on top of your food is outdated and passé.

Staying power: Low. Since this isn’t something you can buy, it’s a moot point, but we suspect that most people (by which we mean us) wouldn’t have the discipline to hold off on eating the mini chimichangas long enough to turn them into nachos. (Photo: Thrillist)