Ever since McDonald’s rolled out the U.S.’s first Happy Meal in 1979, the chain has owned the slick-packaging-and-an-awesome-toy-with-a-meal-on-the-side game. Try as they might, no other fast food chain even comes close.

There’s only one problem, if you like to collect and obsess: Happy Meals are most definitely targeted towards kids—which is cool for you 5-year-olds and Disney nerds, but not so cool if you like horror or cult movies and TV. Or Nicki Minaj.

Enter the reimagined Happy Meals art series from artist Newt Clements. Clements spends time mocking up fantastic odes to various pop culture phenomena, from Aliens to The Walking Dead.  Most come with the action figures you’d expect as their toys, but a few (like the Breaking Bad one) are even more clever.

The series is still ongoing, so definitely check out the artist’s Pinterest to view the entire collection and to keep up with all his new designs.

Here are some of our favorite reimagined Happy Meals.

happy meal breaking bad

happy meal the terminator

happy meal predator

happy meal evil dead

happy meal escape from new york

happy meal candyman

happy meal sin city

happy meal aliens

happy meal blade

happy meal from dusk till dawn


happy meal the big lebowski

happy meal the walking deadhappy meal battle royalehappy meal american horror story asylum


[via Foodiggity, Newt Clements]

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