Designer Ralph Lauren has revealed plans for his 35,000-square foot flagship on Fifth Ave, which will include a restaurant, bar, and coffee shop. In an interview with Style, he explains the unexpected union by saying:

“Taste and style is beyond clothes. It’s in food; it’s in quality. Working out, healthy bodies, organic food—they’re all part of the same thing. They’re very young in sensibility….The kind of food that’s eaten now and the way people are responding to health, it’s all part of the same thing to me. Looking good, feeling good, you want to be slim, you want to wear that jacket that makes you tighter, makes you feel happier.”

Having already pioneered the eat-and-shop destination in Chicago and Paris, there’s no word on whether New Yorkers can expect hearty-sounding “classics” from the Chicago menu like crab cakes Benedict and calf’s liver or the lighter fare in Paris, like the open-faced smoked salmon sandwich and lobster salad options.

Otherwise tight-lipped on Manhattan’s dining options, Lauren reveals to Style having just noshed on a brownie and coffee at Ralph’s—the coffee store’s shop portion to-be. Here’s hoping they’ll be as decadent-sounding as the vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce covered ones served at Ralph’s in Paris.

[via Racked, Style]

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