Pizza Hut parent company Yum Brands posted a 19% increase in Q2 of 2014. But Pizza Hut (as a solo entity) had sales decrease by 1% during that time, reports Business First. Meanwhile, Pizza Hut same-store sales decreased by 3% during Q2 of 2014, which ended on June 14th.

It was obvious that something must be done. Enter the Pizza Hut “Skinny Slice.” Pizza Hut hopes to woo customers who still want to eat pizza, but don’t want to consume all the calories (this seems like a quintessentially American desire).

Pizza Hut spokesman Doug Terfehr told the AP that these new Skinny Slices will use less dough and fewer toppings to achieve skinniness.

In other words, these are your Pizza Hut faves on a diet.


Tests of Skinny Slices started this week in Toledo, OH (what?) and West Palm Beach, FL (makes sense). Pizza Hut is offering slightly different options for each market.

In Toledo, customers can create whole Skinny Slice pies that include up to five toppings, and each slice will clock in at 300 calories. West Palm Beach customers have a choice of six pre-determined pies, with each slice clocking in at 250 calories.

How skinny are Skinny Slices? At either 300 or 250 calories per slice, they’re not too calorically different than what’s already on the menu. The AP notes that a single plain slice contains 300 calories, while a slice of pan pizza has 350 and a slice of Thin ‘N Crispy has 260.

Of course, increasing the number of slices you eat in one meal makes any benefit—however small—obsolete. But if you’re a Pizza Hut fan, at least the company isn’t compromising its flavor or adding low-fat cheese. There’s nothing worse than the flat, flavorless taste of “Diet.” We don’t know about you, but the better something tastes, the more okay we are with eating less of it.

Are slumping sales also the reason Starbucks is testing a new Mini Frappuccino? We can only speculate.

[via the AP, Business First]

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