This week, a 19-year-old has put himself in the running for most ridiculous Twitter user on the planet, giving Jaden Smith and Ferran Adrià a run for their money. After accusing Dominos of poor service and then quickly retracting his ludicrous complaint, London-based @SadderDre has pretty much embodied the voice of a munchies-fueled generation.

Upon receiving a delivery from Dominos, @SadderDre was shocked to discover a baked slice of dough in lieu of a pizza. No sauce, no cheese, just bread. (Spoiler alert: if that sounds too insane to believe, it’s because it is.)

Like any 21st century whiner with internet access, he tweeted at Dominos to voice his disappointment. Probably equally confused, the chain replied with an apology and advice to contact the UK branch.

Shortly thereafter, the scorned customer realized his own crucial mistake:

No. Words.

[via GrubStreet]