Burger Business reports that back in July, McDonald’s filed a trademark registration for the term “McBrunch.” A McDonald’s spokesperson told Burger Business,

“We routinely file intent to use trademark applications as a regular course of business. We can’t share details at this time as to how the trademarks may or may not be used.”

Allegedly, the company also filed trademark paperwork for “McBrunch” back in 2001, but then ended up abandoning the application. We say: Make up your goddamn mind already about McBrunch and start serving people some McBloody Marys with whole fried chickens in them.

Clever McFans have already been making their own McBrunch items for years—check out the Mc10:35 and the McCrepe above. The problem is, these items are only possible during that tiny window of time when you can buy both breakfast and lunch items at McDonald’s. Offering a properly-sanctioned McBrunch menu would permit the masses to enjoy sweet and savory together in that special way that only brunch can allow.

Who knows, McBrunch might even change the minds of people who hate brunch. McBrunching would be a completely different experience than checking out any of our 5 favorite NYC brunch spotswhich are all great, but they also require a certain level of formality. Presumably, McBrunch would be something you could just grab on the go—no drama and minimal eye contact required while you’re nursing that wicked hangover pulsing just behind your left eye. 

It’s about time McDonald’s upped its breakfast-menu/brunch game, especially given what the competition—specifically Taco Bell—is doing with breakfast.

[via Eater, Burger Business]

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