We’re betting that “diners” aren’t the first thing you think of when you think Batman.

Still, McDonald’s new Diner Double Beef burger in Hong Kong is all Batman, all the time.

batman burger2

Photo: Imgur/jc1593

If the box art isn’t awesome enough for you, the commercial is pretty fantastic. We wish we had this burger (and commercial) here in the U.S.A.:

The Diner Double Beef meal comes with something called Squeezy Cheesy Fries. We’re not sure what that has to do with Batman, but it does come in that awesome long Batbox. We’re suckers for awesome packaging design.

Total cost for the meal is HKD 29.80 ($3.84 USD).

batman squeezy cheesy fries gif

The Diner Double Beef Batman burger apparently has nothing to do with Gotham, but is instead the first in a planned Justice League food series for Mickey D’s HK.

The official website shows renderings of the Flash, Superman, and the Green Lantern.

batman justice league mcdonalds hk

Photo: McDonald’s HK

We’re pretty sure most people would react like this kid if Batman suddenly showed up.

batman burger gif

We’re excited to see the other box art in the Justice League series—though we do have to wonder why there’s no Wonder Woman.

[via GrubStreet]

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