In the Munchies video above, Action Bronson gets schooled by his aunt on the intricacies of homemade fillo-pastry. Bam bam and auntie craft one of the Queens rapper’s favorite childhood dishes: börek. Layer upon layer of fillo dough is rolled out thin, then drizzled with melted butter to create all the flaky layers.

Once the bottom crust is in place, it’s topped with a mixture of ground beef, onions, and spices, then lovingly tucked in with another layer of fillo dough and a drawn-butter drizzle. Action says to think of it like Chicago deep dish, only Albanian (which apparently means “awesome flaky homemade pastry crust and no cheese”).

“Food is art. bottom line,” says Bronson.

We’re pretty sure that if we grew up eating börek, it would be one of our fond childhood memories, too.

Munchies has posted a printed recipe here, and also created this awesome graphic:

action bronson borek


In other news, the next episode of ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’ drops October 1st. Next stop: NOLA, and Toups Meatery.

Here’s a preview:

[via Munchies]

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