Do you want to eat the Cuban sandwiches featured in the Jon Favreau movie Chef—you know, the pressed sandwiches filled with melty Swiss cheese, sweet ham, roast pork, pickles, and mustard? Soon, you’ll be able to (without buying a ticket to Miami).

Favreau tells Yahoo Movies that he’s trying to open a restaurant in L.A. that would serve some of the film’s cuisine. About the restaurant, the director says,

“I love sharing the food with people, so that they could see that food really is as good as it looks. It’s not the wisest business venture, but for me it’s a way to let the movie live on and connect with the fans.”

Kogi and POT chef Roy Choi will be Favreau’s partner in the new eatery. Choi tells Yahoo,

[pullquote]”We want to turn this into a real restaurant. When people got out [of screenings], they wanted that thing to be real.”[/pullquote]

A location and opening date has not been set, and there’s no word on whether or not the restaurant will be called El Jefe. Either way, we can not wait to feast on Chef-inspired Cubanos, brisket, and beignets.


[via Yahoo]

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