This morning, hungry Toronto residents flocked to downtown Toronto’s Ganzi Osteria because of the below ad, which showed up on Twitter and in local papers yesterday.

Each person could only have one burger, and a wristband system was used to keep everyone honest. The line for wristbands started forming at 6am. By 10:30am, the entire event was sold out—and not a single burger had even changed hands.

Here’s the heartbreak, as tweeted by Ganzi Osteria:

So what did that wristband entitle its wearers to feast on? Lucky participants could choose from: a hamburger ($3), a cheeseburger ($4), a double-double ($6), and an option to have it protein style (lettuce wrap; no bun) or animal style (patties cooked in mustard; extra sauce; grilled onions). No fries, though. Animal-style fry fans were weeping, no doubt.

At least one Twitter user decided to pair his In-N-Out burger with some fine coffee from Tim Hortons. Drake would be proud.

Apparently, the line was mad long.

One guy got meta and took photos of people who were taking photos of the line.

Can Toronto residents expect to experience the joys of In-N-Out on a regular basis in the near future? Unfortunately not. Grub Street quotes a chain spokesperson as saying of past pop-ups,

We do not have any immediate plans to open a permanent restaurant there but this special event will help us make future decisions.”

In-N-Out’s manager of special foreign events, Brian Nakao, told the Globe and Mail, “This is like our 37th event, we’ve been to 26 different countries.” Nakao also offered an understated explanation for relying mostly on word-of-mouth to get people to the pop-up,

We try and keep it low-key because we don’t have a whole lot of burgers to sell.”

Since In-N-Out doesn’t ever freeze its pattiesand its production facilities are based in Cali and Texasthe chain finds local sources to provide the beef for its pop-up events. The Globe and Mail reports that it also hires local cooks for the pop-ups.

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