Long Island resident Madeleine Turpan knows a thing or two about proper nutrition. In a move that may seem surprising to some, this former dietician has been eating at White Castle at least once a month for the past 80 years, according to CBS New York.

white castle

Asked about how to eat to reach the lofty age of 102, Turpan told CBS NY:

“Eat properly, it’s very important. And this is where the good proper food is, too. One of these days I’ll ask them how they make that hamburger but I’ll never match it. I could never match it.”

white castle madeleine turpan

Photo: ABC7 Chicago

With a ringing endorsement like that, it’s no wonder that White Castle inducted her into its Cravers Hall of Fame to celebrate. The chain states that only 170 people have been inducted since its introduction in 2001.

white castle hall of fame

Photo: CBS2 NY

Turpan told ABC7 Chicago that it was, “The best birthday I’ve ever had….The best part so far today has been being right here, right now, with all these lovely people around here, every one of them. All friends.”

Nephew Eugene Nifenecker told ABC7 Chicago, “We go out to some other real fine restaurants, but this is sort of a special tradition to her.” 

[via CBS NY, ABC7 Chicago]

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