Only 43 women of the 262 Best New Chefs (or less than 16%) have made Food & Wine‘s annual “Best New Chefs” list since it was launched in 1988. But that perplexing lack of female recognition is about to change. The January 2015 F&W issue will be solely dedicated to the women who rule the food world.

Could this be in reaction to the outrage caused by Time magazine’s “The Gods of Food” feature, published in November of last year? The controversial feature honored 13 men and exactly zero women.

Over on The Braiser, journalist Beverly Wettenstein asks: “How can you support women chefs and restaurateurs going into 2015?” Previously, Wettenstein wrote a piece for The Braiser asking why F&W‘s “Best New Chefs” list continuously snubs women. Looks like she got the attention of F&W Editor-in-Chief Dana Cowin, who told Wettenstein that her “advocacy, letters and annual reports—along with leading, outspoken women chefs—have made an impact and a difference.” 

Answering her own question of how to support women chefs and restaurateurs, Wettenstein writes,

I’m on a mission to urge women leaders and event planners to put your money where your mouth is and turn up the heat. Seek and support women chefs and restaurateurs when booking events and conferences. This is especially important for events honoring women and sponsored by women’s organizations. Please also request female wait and bar staff at contract signing, to support working women.”

All we know is, women chefs are killing it just as much as their male counterparts. Do you need examples? How about: Suzanne Goin, Christina Tosi, Gabrielle Hamilton, April Bloomfield, Elena Arzak, Dominique Crenn, Alice Waters, Barbara Lynch… (the list goes on and on and on). #Recognize

[via The Braiser]