Last night, women across the Internet banded together and took to Twitter using the hashtag #WhyIStayed in a sign of solidarity for Janay Palmer, wife of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, after TMZ released a leaked video of Rice knocking Palmer unconscious last February. According to Vox, women “used the hashtag to explain the psychology and the reality of their domestic abuse situations.”

Typically, if someone sees a mysterious hashtag on Twitter they don’t fully understand, they will click on it, and the meaning behind the hashtag will be revealed. It works, we swear!

The social media “wiz” behind DiGiorno Pizza’s Twitter failed to look into the meaning behind #WhyIStayed. And this, friends, is why brands shouldn’t be allowed to tweet.


After realizing the mistake, DiGiorno’s social media manager quickly took down the tweet—but the damage was already done. The pizza chain posted this after taking down the embarrassing tweet.

An honest mistake? Yes. An unfortunate tweet? Most definitely.


[via Twitter, Uproxx]

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