There’s crazy, and then there’s crazy.

An indecisive cow from a farm in Lincolnshire, England has given birth to triplets, each of which is a different breed.

The Lincolnshire mother birthed a Limousin, a Simmental, and a Charolais. Farmer Peter Combridge, who runs Brownlow Farm, tells Farmers Weekly“We’ve had mixed twins before, but this is the first I’ve heard of triplets. It was a real surprise.”

Modern Farmer notes that “Multiple births are rare enough in cows as it is; it varies by breed of cow, but generally the likelihood of a cow having twins is somewhere between 1 and 7%, not much more than the likelihood in humans (around 3 to 4%).” And triplets are exponentially more rare—we’re talking odds of 100,000 to one


Modern Farmer continues,

“Where cows differ substantially from humans is that in artificially inseminating breeding cows, farmers often use sperm from multiple breeds. That allows for fraternal twins, in which two sperm cells meet two eggs, that are of totally different breeds. Both different-breed twins and triplets are very rare, but familiar to high-turnaround cattle breeders. Different-breed triplets, though, is something we certainly have never seen before.

This is like a grab bag of cute baby cows. We want.

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