The club sandwich is a room service staple. While no one can agree on its exact origins (the Saratoga Club House in 1894? The 1903 novel Conversations of a Chorus Girl?), one fact remains: The majority of countries in the world serve some version of the club sandwich.

With that in mind, assembled the 2014 “Club Sandwich Index” as a barometer of affordability for tourists. spokesperson Alison Couper tells Quartz,

“The Club Sandwich Index offers travelers a simple price comparison to show how far their money may stretch in each country, using the most common item on any hotel menu.”



According to the index, New Delhi has the cheapest club sandwich at $8.78 (Rs 524). For the second year in a row, Geneva is the most expensive city in the world for a club sandwich at $32.60 (Rs 1,946).

The index calculates an average price paid by guests for a club sandwich in 30 hotels in either the capital or an important tourist city in the 28 countries surveyed, across three-, four-and five-star categories. In total, the study looked at club sandwich prices in 840 hotels around the world.

The 2014 CSI Least Expensive Cities to Visit

  1. New Delhi ($8.78)
  2. Mexico City ($9.78)
  3. Buenos Aires ($10.37)
  4. Bangkok ($11.98)
  5. Taipei ($12.41)

The 2014 CSI Most Expensive Cities to Visit

  1. Geneva ($32.60)
  2. Paris ($29.36)
  3. Helsinki ($24.35)
  4. Stockholm ($24.05)
  5. Oslo ($23.80)

Even if you choose to indulge in local cuisine instead of a familiar club sandwich, the Club Sandwich Index baseline is still an incredibly useful tool for planning your next trip. After all, it’s helpful to know that you can buy about three and a half club sandwiches in New Delhi for the price of just one sandwich in Geneva—and that’s before including the tip (that is, if it’s appropriate to tip in whatever country you’re visiting).

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