Chrissy Teigen, the Internet’s favorite supermodel-turnt-Twitter rabble-rouser, has poked at a lot of viper’s nests—the Ariana Grande tween fan mafia, Instagram knuckle-draggers who comment on her weight, Chris Brown stans, Amanda Bynes, et al. But yesterday she took on her most fearsome foe yet: people who love Nutella.

People who love Nutella are all around you. They line up in droves to drag their fingers through the giant frosting tub that is the Eataly Nutella Bar. They cook everything with Nutella. In short, they are part of the reason why Nutella makes so much Nutella, there is a hazelnut shortage.

But Teigen is no Nutella sheep. She tweeted:

After a lot of passionate responses, ranging from the asshole-ish (“can’t get the jar open, huh?”) to the distraught (“STAHP CHRISSY STAHP”), she proceeded to offer some examples of foods that are better than Nutella.

She then got a bit meta about the Nutella hype machine:

And, in case you missed the point, she made her stance on Nutella crystal-clear:

Finally, Teigen spawned the #NUTELLATRUTHERS hashtag and threw down the gauntlet to those who oppose her:

Teigen makes some good points here—namely, that speculoos is insanely delicious, and that a lot of people are overly enamored with Nutella because it is vaguely foreign and slightly more classy than a tub of Betty Crocker icing, but ultimately not all that different. What she may not realize is that Nutella enthusiasts are fiends in the most Bubbles-from-The-Wire sense of the word, and no amount of tweets will ever change their minds about their chocolate-hazelnut spread of choice.


At any rate, we thank you, Chrissy, for another amusing and meaningless evening on the Twitter machine. We’ll join you in praying for future generations:

[via Twitter/@chrissyteigen]