In this teaser for Mind of a Chef season 3 episode 2, chef Edward Lee travels across a pristine lake in the Andes to reach La Isla, a remote island in the foothills of the mountains.

Here, Lee meets up with Argentine chef Francis Mallmann of 1884 Restaurante. Lee says,

“Mallmann built a reputation for being a little bit outside the box, and cooking this gorgeous food—you know, very high end and luxurious—but also relating it back to this very rudimentary cooking process.”

The two legendary chefs get into a discussion about “rudimentary fire cooking,” practiced by Argentine gauchos. We can’t wait to find out what “the seven different techniques of how to use fire to cook” are.

Here’s season 3 episode 1—in which Chef Ed Lee returns to his roots in East Brooklyn—in case you missed it when it aired earlier this month.

[via YouTube]