Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, about-to-be-poached-by-Food-Network star, Auntie Fee, shows you how to make shrimp.

After making sure her son (also her camera man) pauses on the shrimp to get a money shot, Mrs. Fee  butterflies the shrimp, loads on the seasoning (“This ain’t no f*cking garlic salt”), then sears the shrimp in the pan. Meanwhile, she makes the observation that the shrimp “look like uteruses.”


She also gives a great garlic bread hack: She butters individual slices of bread with butter and garlic, then puts the loaf back together and keeps it in the freezer for months. Genius or kind of gross? You decide.

Stay tuned for Auntie Fee Thanksgiving tutorial videos. The holidays just got a whole lot better.

[via YouTube]

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