We knew that Bronsolino wouldn’t disappoint when he finally made a triumphant return to his home turf. We’ve seen him eat at Marea and visit Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills in the past, but in the latest episode of his Munchies show, he takes the time to dig a little deeper into his NYC food life—all while dressing up like a foul-mouthed, even fatter Guy Fieri.

Cruising through Queens and Brooklyn in a ’67 Pontiac Firebird, the Flushing native begins the tour at his aunt’s Sheepshead Bay home where he explains, “Listen, I’m not making shit, my auntie’s making it…You’re not allowed to touch anything in an Albanian woman’s kitchen.”

Sure enough, his aunt makes a gorgeous 60-layer baklava out of milk, eggs, walnuts, butter, sugar, cornstarch, corn oil, and flour. Equally beautiful? The childhood photos of Bronson we get to peep during the pastry’s five-hour baking time.


Next, he heads off to Williamsburg’s Momofuku Milk Bar to make a milkshake out of the baklava, cereal milk, and rendered Benton’s bacon fat. While Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi serves up the extra-caloric shake, Bam Bam confesses, “I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m really just stoned out of my mind and I’m just ready to eat every single thing possible.”

After leaving Tosi with the massive baklava, it’s on to Queens’ Dani’s House of Pizza. Indulging in baked clams while his hand-tossed pie cooks in the oven, Bronson chats with the staff in Spanish and exclaims his love of the comfort food.

For his last stop, he hits up Top Shelf Tattooing in Brooklyn for a new hand piece. As a grand finalé, Bam Bam combines Bon Chon‘s Korean chicken and crispy dumplings with White Castle fries and a cheeseburger slider to create what he names “The Ninja Turtle.”


[via Munchies]
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