Curtis Jackson may not be making great music anymore, but he’s proven pretty adept at doing about a million other things well, including acting in action flicks, selling energy drinks, and ethering the careers of other artists. Could his next coup be behind the stove?

Even though he may or may not know what a grapefruit is, Fiddy appears to be getting busy in the kitchen of late, posting a few Instagram shots from a cooking class—including one, which has bizarrely been deleted, of him frying up a piece of Parmesan-crusted chicken.

We hope he follows up last year’s fitness and nutrition manual with a proper cookbook, perhaps called Get Rich or Die Fryin’. He should also put out a Martha Stewart-style lifestyle magazine, since his home-decor game appears to be off the hook.

We’ll be patiently waiting. In the meantime, we’l just keep watching 50’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which is the best thing on the Internet this week by a large margin: