Back in June, Eater did a hilarious video at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen that featured chefs reading actual bad Yelp reviews of their restaurants.

But wait, there’s more. Apparently, Eater went on to enlist Grant Achatz and Mike Bagale of Alinea in a similar video. The catch? Achatz and Bagale instantly did improv for the whole thing, and it’s hilariously on the mark.

Looking at actual Yelp reviews for Alinea, there are several reviews that gush in great detail. And of course, there are plenty of haters, and everyone in between. Some reviews are legit, and some—both positive AND negative—leave you shaking your head as you read. We can only imagine what that’s like if you’re actually someone who works there—or if you’re Grant Achatz.

We figured we could save the chef a lot of time and make a handy GIF for all such occasions, so we did.

For example, here’s a positive review:

alinea review

And a response we feel is appropriate:

grant achatz

And a negative review:

alinea bad review

Which also warrants the same response:

grant achatzAnd then there are those where you’re pretty sure it’s a joke. If you click the “not currently recommended” reviews, you can find a one-star comedic gem of a review dated 6/19/2013 from Yelper Tyreke-Christ J. (with a whopping 4 reviews to his handle) that reads

“yo yo yo its ya boy t christ givin you this review. do you like spending ober $300  for somethin i could make if i combined the components of my toilet and liquid nitrogen and put a cold potatoo on top.? then alinea is the perfect place for you uptight city folk this isnt an experience i would take rock and roll mcdonalds over this any day smh”

While you can definitely glean some useful information from Yelp, we think reviews like these are clear evidence that someone needs to get on creating a Yelp review form, Mad Libs-style. This improv is spot on.

[via Eater]

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