As of yesterday, taxi alternative Uber isn’t just carrying passengers, but also your midday meal. The rapidly-expanding company has launched a test drive of a curbside, prix fixe delivery service called uberFRESH. For now, uberFRESH is only happening in Santa Monica, CA, but if the service is popular, Uber will expand it to other areas.

The service is available from 11:30am-2:30pm until September 5 (except for weekends and Labor Day), and each meal costs $12. As with Uber’s standard policy, you’re not expected to tip your driver—but we still think you should. The kicker? They promise (approximately) 10 minute delivery.

The participating restaurants include FWF-approved Tender Greens and Bay Cities Italian Deli, along with 41 Ocean and Cookie Good.

The downside? With only one option offered per day, choosy eaters may feel stifled. The upside? All meals come with a complimentary caramel-pretzel-chocolate chunk cookie that looks incredible.



Uber recently did a trial run of a service called Corner Store in Washington D.C., which provided customers with one-day delivery service of household good. Considering the third party food delivery businesses is booming, it’s no surprise that Uber wants to get in on the burgeoning market. As of now, UberFRESH’s competitors include GrubHub’s Seamless, Delivery Hero, and Square.

The $200 million company acknowledges the possibility of expansion on their blog should the experiment leave a good taste in customer’s mouths.


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