Food world luminary Ferran Adrià has only been on Twitter for a few months, but he has already revealed himself to be a master of bite-size thought provocations. The mind that fueled the 20th century’s most groundbreaking restaurant now regularly shatters your humdrum day with metaphysical and existential haikus like these:

But the line between profound and preposterous is finer than shaved Serrano ham, and between the mind-melting explosions of his casually-dropped thought bombs, Adrià can occasionally sound like a stoned Sun Tzu giving a TED talk.

It’s at these moments that he begins to stray into Jaden Smith territory, that punctuation-murdering hormonal peddler of bumper sticker philosophy.

We like to picture tears running down the 16-year-old’s face as he nocks another arrow of truth into his bow of realness, and prepares to pierce our consciousness because, like, knowledge is pain, you guys.

It got us wondering: In a blind comparison, could you separate the motivational musings of a pseudo-deep adolescent from the rambling advice of a celebrity chef that apparently orbits earth’s outer atmosphere? See if you can guess who authored these tweets, and then scroll down for the answers.

Photo: @FerranAdria

Adrià’s lightbulb moment. (Photo: @FerranAdria)

Who Tweeted It: Jaden Smith or Ferran Adrià?

1. Our sickness today is that we don’t copy each other.

2. The people that truly understand your art are the people who don’t comment.

3. You can discover everything you need to know about everything by looking at your hands.

4. The first commandment about vanguard is that no one understands you.

5. You would have to eat five apples today to get the same nutritional value as an apple in 1950.

6. Is #philosophy the hard drive of reflections?

7. Don’t follow. Just listen, and then make your own path.

8. The best way to experience life is to experiment.

9. There comes a moment when you’re fighting only against yourself.

10. Pay attention to the numbers in your life. They are vastly important.

Photo: Facebook/OfficialJaden

Le Sigh. (Photo: Facebook/OfficialJaden)


1. Ferran Adrià

2. Jaden Smith

3. Jaden Smith

4. Ferran Adrià

5. Jaden Smith

6. Ferran Adrià

7. Jaden Smith

8. Jaden Smith

9. Ferran Adrià

10. Jaden Smith