There’s a constant battle going on to see which province in China takes home the prize of having the spiciest cuisine. The top two legendary contenders are the provinces of Sichuan and Hunan, with their fascinating varieties of chili peppers, pastes, oils, and spices. Some of the dishes regarded as the country’s spiciest include the Sichuan “Saliva Chicken,” made with more than 10 spices and sauces, and the Hunan spicy beef, stirred in with deep fried chili peppers.

That’s why its no surprise that newly-opened noodle shop Fu Niu Tang in Beijing—which boasts noodles in the Hunan style—is now claiming to serve the world’s spiciest beef rice noodles. The bowl of rice noodles comes complete with the characteristic seasonings: chili sauce in the middle and scallions on top.

Hunanese restaurant manager Zhang Tianyi, who could finish only a quarter of the noodle bowl, notes that the outstanding ingredient of the dish is the seven-star chili, which is sourced with great care.

Employee Xiong Wen tells the Wall Street Journal,

“We did a lot of research and went to the chili plantation ourselves before we decided to buy this chili there. These chilies are only grown in a very small part of the whole plantation, where they call it the king of chilies.”

In the fashion of Adam Richman’s dangerous eating challenges, the noodle restaurant offers a t-shirt and a lifetime 10% discount to anyone who can down the noodles within 10 minutes.

Only 15 out of 300 challengers have succeeded, so prospective challengers beware. (Note: Most challengers feel a great urge to use the toilet when they finish, and sometimes they experience this sensation mid-meal.)


Fu Niu Tang is located at Building C, Chaowai Soho, No. 6, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyong District, Beijing. Challengers, be prepared to pay a 35 yuan ($5.60) registration fee and sign a liability waiver.

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[via WSJ]