An ordinary sight this is not: a decommissioned 20-seat plane has been sitting parked beside a McDonald’s restaurant in Taupo, New Zealand for the past 24 years. After all this time, it is finally being put to good use—it has become a part of the restaurant, acting as additional (and exceptional) seating space for customers. 
Restaurant owner Eileen Byrne explains the origins of the plane, saying,

“The site was previously part of a car dealership, the Aeroplane Car Company, and the owner bought a disused DC-3 plane, which sat alongside the building. And when McDonald’s purchased the site in 1990, the aeroplane came with it.”

The plane was built in 1943 and was flown by New Zealand’s South Pacific Airlines from 1961 to 1966; its propellers, wings, and cockpit are still intact. It has since been repainted with McDonald’s signature red color and branded with its recognizable lettering.

Here’s a look at the cockpit, which has been left in its original state: 

Photo: Daily Mail 

Diners enter the plane through stairs near the tail, and are welcome to take pictures of the cockpit, which is guarded behind glass doors.

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