The battle of who can put more food in or on top of a Bloody Mary continues. We’ve already been subjected to the $53 monstrosity from Score on Davie in Canada that includes a roast chicken, burger, onion rings, brownie, pulled pork mac and cheese dog, and some other stuff. Now, we’ve been graced with the Bloody Mary from Sobelman’s Pub & Grill in Milwaukee, which just happens to have an entire fried chicken in it.

Turns out, Sobelman’s famous “Bloody Masterpiece”—garnished with a cheeseburger slider and some 12 other out-of-place toppings—just wasn’t ridiculous enough. The bar is calling its new creation “The Chicken Fried Bloody Beast,” which really doesn’t sound all that appetizing. The official description:

“It includes the standard Sobelmans garnish (cheese, sausage, pickle, olive, onion, mushroom, asparagus, scallion, shrimp, lemon,brussels sprout, tomato & celery) for 4 regular Bloodies, two Baconadoes (skewers of bacon-wrapped jalapeno cheeseballs) & a whole fried chicken, fresh from Ray’s Butcher Shoppe in Greenfield, Wisconsin!”

The Bloody Beast will cost you $50, but Sobelman’s says it will donate $5 for each drink it sells to Milwaukee’s Hunger Task Force. Our main question: How does one even go about getting to the Bloody Mary part?




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