Just last year, Martha Stewart discussed smoking weed and getting hit on by Warren Buffett. She opened up about her online dating habits. She smacked a gay man’s bottom with a paddle on national TV. It all felt refreshing and fun—a 72-year-old letting her hair down. No harm, no foul—after all, she’s already been to prison.

Then we got a little worried about Queen Martha—you know, when she started posting #struggleplates to her Twitter and Instagram, like that horrific shot of an iceberg wedge salad.

Now, Stewart is posing for fashion photographer/alleged sexual predator Terry Richardson. (You can read more about the disturbed photog in this shocking NY Mag profile.) The two celebs both have controversial pasts, so it sort of makes sense that they’d want to bond and hang out at Stewart’s expansive estate in Bedford, NY, where he shot her for a Mr. Porter spread.

Below are a few outtakes of Queen Martha from Richardson’s blog.


“Just going to pray on underage models and collect organic chicken eggs, respectively.”



Meta Martha, photographed while photographing the world’s largest #struggleplate.


“Thanks for the tax advice, Terry.”

[via Terry’s Diary]