Each Sunday, the FWF team selects the most inspiring, enlightening, and fascinating stories from the previous week. Spend your day of rest reading some exceptional food journalism.

How to Eat Like a Pirate [via National Geographic]

Pirates ate terrible food. More specifically, they ate weevil-infested bread, salted and dried beef, an occasional dollop of butter and cheese, and a gallon of beer a day (okay, that last part isn’t that bad). To balance out this “dismal lot,” there was one pirate, William Dampier, who ate remarkably and documented his adventurous dining. Dampier gave us such terms as barbecuecashewkumquatsoy saucetortilla, and breadfruit, reports Nat Geo’s Rebecca Rupp.—Erin Mosbaugh

Food Fraud: It’s What’s for Dinner [via Scientific American]

We’re in a strange new world where “a Chilean summer strawberry can make it to the top a banana parfait in a Manhattan restaurant in mid-winter,” writes David Edwards. “Food fraud—beef that’s horsemeat, grouper that’s actually tilapia—thins the global economy every year by an estimated $49 billion,” he reports. This global marketplace demands a whole new level of vigilance when it comes to what’s on your dinner plate. #StayWoke—Erin Mosbaugh

Salad daze: From leafy greens to meatloaf chunks [via Eatocracy]

CNN Eatocracy editor Kat Kinsman is a salad scholar, and her taxonomy of salad styles—from the chopped salad to the taco salad—is an important document that everyone should study.—Chris Schonberger

Sucking a Little Less [via Bloody Elbow]

Another week, another excellent interview with Anthony Bourdain. This time, Uncle Tony talks Jiu-jitsu, working in war zones, annoying culinary trends, Hannibal, and more. On Guy Fieri: “I’m hardly a health nut, but you look at Guy Fieri’s menu and his brand, and it’s like how fat do you need to be? How sick do you need to be? Is there anything funny about proudly shoving 4,000 calories into your face just because you know it’s 4,000 calories?”—Chris Schonberger