Like nearly all aspects of life in Japanese culture, eating sushi is an art not to be trifled with. Luckily, Naomichi Yasuda of the Japan-based Sushi Bar Yasuda is here to make sure your next dining experience isn’t total amateur hour.

As he creates a hand roll and two pieces of nigiri, he explains that contrary to popular belief, rice is the main ingredient of sushi (not the fish) and that wasabi is not actually made from horseradish. Class is in session!

Turns out, there are three cardinal rules in eating these carefully crafted morsels:

1.) Hand rolls are eaten with your hands, not chopsticks, as their namesake implies.

2.) Ginger should be picked up in a single sheet with your hands, and eaten by itself.

3.) Dip sushi in soy sauce by flipping it onto its left side with your chopsticks before picking it up. Then, turn your wrist so that you can dip only the fish directly into the sauce.

This is a process so specific, it warrants a GIF illustration: (1)

And don’t you dare shake off that extra soy sauce. (Because you’re not—as he puts it—in the men’s room.)

Another pro tip for the savvy diner: eat at the sushi bar rather than having your meal brought out to a table. According to Yasuda, the fluctuation in temperature causes the fish to taste different.

[via Munchies]

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