Some of us see frozen food and we simply follow the instructions on the package. Others dare to dream of a world where maybe, just maybe, those Hot Pockets aren’t for eating, and that DiGiornio could be more than just a cheese pizza.

Michael J. Hudson decided that it was time to make a cookie pizza. Using a tube of Pillsbury cookie dough and a DiGornio frozen pizza, Hudson achieved his dream and shared it on Twitter dot com, like a true American hero would.

“Cookie pizza was an inspiration from seeing someone who took one of those DiGiorno pizzas that came with enough dough to make several cookies for dessert,” the 26-year-old Detroit native tells Buzzfeed. “I stepped it up and used 75% of a pillsbury cookie dough roll and spread it thinly over the pizza before baking. Some things I make do not taste great, but I would never waste food either.”

As for the taste, it’s probably what you’d expect from a chocolate chip cookie dough-cheese pizza hybrid: “not terrible. A good mix of savory and sweet, but very heavy.”

Sounds almost as a good as when a dude put a Chick-fil-A chicken cutlet inside a Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuit.

For all you adventurous souls out there, here’s how to make a cookie pizza, as per Hudson’s example:

The Raw Ingredients


The Key Is the Layering.

Golden Brown is what you’re looking for.



Game. Set. Match



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