We’re in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday. To help you keep up with all the new hypebeast snacks on the scene, we’ll be doing a weekly roundup of ridiculous mashup foods you need to know about right now, and ranking them on staying power. Read on!

Macaron + Ice Cream = Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich


The mashup: New York macaron master Francois Payard has brought back his seasonal treat for another summer; this year’s flavors are salted caramel, pistachio raspberry, coconut mango, and passionfruit cheesecake. The fancy French finger sandwiches come in drip-free individual boxes, so you can nibble them daintily without turning your shirt front into a rainbow-colored Jackson Pollock painting.

Staying power: High. These cutie patootie sandwiches are only available through the end of August, but this is something like the fifth summer they’ve made an appearance, so we’re pretty sure they’re now an annual tradition at Francois Payard. (Photo: Facebook/ Francois Payard)

PB&J + Pizza = The Spice Jam


The mashup: Dimo’s Pizza in Chicago is no stranger to the mashup pie concept—mac ‘n cheese pizza, chicken and waffles pizza, and s’mores pizza are permanent menu fixtures. But each week they throw a couple of limited-edition specials into the mix, including this haute take on a lunchbox staple that has a peanut butter base, dollops of spicy blueberry jam, and is topped with almonds and fresh blueberries.

Staying power: Low. As last week’s special, the prettiest dessert pizza we’ve ever seen was came off the menu on Sunday. It’s an unmitigated tragedy for Chicago and pie lovers everywhere, who now have to go back to eating pizza and PB&J sandwiches separately. (Photo: Facebook/ Dimo’s Pizza)

Bacon + Jerky = Bacon Jerky


The mashup: Bacon jerky does already exist, but Kraft just entered the game by releasing its own version under the Oscar Mayer brand, which means ready-to-eat bacon is now widely available at supermarkets everywhere, and hopefully at gas stations too since this is clearly our new favorite road trip snack.

Staying power: High. Bacon out of a packet might not be the classiest look, but the fact that it doesn’t require refrigeration or frying is a massive convenience. And since a Kraft brand released it, there are probably millions of units already on shelves. This product isn’t going anywhere, at least not for a while. (Photo: Facebook/ Oscar Mayer)

Chicken + Popsicle = Iced Yakitori


The mashup: You’re probably familiar with yakitori, the grilled Japanese skewers that are usually served piping hot. But this summer, a restaurant in Japan began offering a chilled version that’s been frozen in blocks of collagen. Using the gelatinous liquid instead of ice has two benefits: It retains the grilled, meaty flavor of the chicken, and some people believe it’s good for your complexion.

Staying power: Low. I don’t care how hot you are, “frozen” seems like bad choice when you’re ordering meat; it just can’t possibly have a good texture. And according to the British Skin Foundation, eating collagen is not actually going to stop you from getting wrinkly. So we’ll stick with our night cream and hot chicken skewers, thanks. (Photo: CEN/ Yahoo)