We’re in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday. To help you keep up with all the new hypebeast snacks on the scene, we’ll be doing a weekly roundup of ridiculous mashup foods you need to know about right now, and ranking them on staying power. Read on!

Tequila + Chocolate sauce = One Night Stand Potion

Photo: Dude, Sweet Chocolate

The mashup: The smart (and no doubt attractive) people at Dallas-based Dude, Sweet Chocolate could have retired after inventing PDA chocolate salami, but instead they have continued to concoct things that are almost guaranteed to get you laid if used correctly. Enter One Night Stand Potion, which assures a conquest by combining 100 Años Tequila Reposado (a proven mating tool) with liquid dark chocolate (a known aphrodisiac). The love doctors at Dude, Sweet recommend imbibing it in a chocolate martini, with three parts alcohol to one part potion. If you can’t seal the deal after that, you’ll probably kill at Korean solo dining rankings.

Staying power: High. A reviewer at Supercompressor said he’d drink it all day and night until he died, and slather it on his naked body. And I’m currently bulk ordering chocolate sauce and condoms for the weekend. (Photo: Dude, Sweet Chocolate)

Rice ball + Bacon cheeseburger = Bakudan Musubi Bacon Cheeseburger

Photo via RocketNews24

The mashup: Cultural exchange is a beautiful thing, especially when it results in hybridized hand-held snacks like this: A Japanese onigiri (a stuffed rice ball wrapped in seaweed) filled with bacon, burger meat, cheese, fried egg, and mayo. Bakudan Musubi loosely translates as “rice bomb,” according to Foodbeast, making the English name for this creation “Bacon Cheeseburger Rice Bomb.” That’s the kind of nomenclature that no border can hold back.

Staying power: Low. As unstoppable as these sound, they’re only available at Circle K Sunkus convenience stores in Japan. And since onigiri are a common convenience-store snack, we’re guessing these Rice Bombs have plenty of competition on the shelf. (Photo via RocketNews24)

Mac ‘n Cheese + Hash brown = Mac ‘n Hash

The mashup: Philly’s Mac Mart food truck raised its game this week by creating what what Eater calls “the ultimate carb + cheese + bacon sandwich.” We would call it the ultimate brunch sandwich, since it combines breakfast staples (bacon, hash browns) with a lunch/dinner favorite (macaroni cheese), plus buttermilk-ranch sauce thrown in for good measure. Other things you could call it are “delicious,” “artery-clogging,” and “unacceptably-far-from-my-current-location.”

Staying power: Medium. The Mac ‘n Hash was introduced only this week, so we’re unsure how long it will be around for, but food trucks know the value of scarcity in creating hype (a food truck is just an elusive restaurant, after all). If it’s really popular, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it disappear off the menu after a month and then stage a comeback this winter. (Photo: @themacmart)

Whiskey + Shaved ice = Whiskey shaved ice

Photo: PR Times via RocketNews24

The mashup: A rooftop restaurant and bar in Kyoto is now serving this deconstructed whiskey on the rocks: Yamazaki or Shirasu liquor with lemon, syrup, and soda water. The soda is presumably there to create the right liquid-ice ratio required for a boozy slushie, but maybe it’s for making whiskey sodas when you give up on the shaved ice after one too many brainfreezes.

Staying power: Low. The seasonal bar closes at the end of October, which means the whiskey shaved ice goes with it. And I’m okay with that, because getting buzzed off this stuff sounds like a lot of effort. Mixing frozen cocktails is what I pay the bartender for. (Photo: PR Times via RocketNews24)