This September, PBS will debut a 13-episode documentary series on food production in the U.S., and we can’t wait. Each themed episode will center around the work of “food rebels” exploring sustainable alternatives like composting, solar desalination, and wild food foraging.

With episodes titled “School Lunch Revival” and “Food Justice,” the application of social justice to hot topics in food—as well as the more environmental and tech-oriented coverage—will provide a balanced diet for all viewers. Shifting the focus from the world of celebrity chef entertainment, director Greg Roden gets real with the issues at hand.

With the emphasis placed on positive changes from forward thinkers on a mission, “Food Forward” will be a welcome change from the doom and gloom we’ve all come to expect from documentaries on the topic of American food production.

As one optimistic man says in the video,

“We’ve done a pretty good job of screwing this system up in the last 100 years. Can we fix it? Yes.”

The trailer and web site also tease some pretty out-there ideas, including grilled squirrel and the possibility of insect hot dogs.


[via Food Forward]