A year after its triumphant resurrection from bankruptcy, Hostess Brands—the mother company of the Twinkie, a childhood favorite snack—has decided to shut down the Continental Baking Company factory in Schiller Park, IL, the birth site of the world’s first Hostess Twinkie cake. The factory will close officially by October.

The plant, which in 1903s saw the production of the first-ever Twinkies, had been closed after Hostess filed for bankruptcy two years ago, but opened last summer to resume production.

There is a very evident explanation behind the factory’s closing, however: during its time off the market, Twinkies faced fierce competition from copycats and knockoffs, like Little Debbie’s Cloud Cakes.

Says Hostess CEO Bill Toler to the Chicago Tribune,

“Many competitors took over the shelves and are tenaciously defending their business and thus we must be highly efficient and technologically advanced to compete. As a result, we have invested in more efficient production capabilities and need to streamline our manufacturing infrastructure and protect our ability to compete.”

The plant will most likely and unfortunately put its 400 employees out of their jobs.

Will someone start a campaign to bring them back, we wonder?
Photo: YouTube

[via Grub StreetThe Consumerist]