In the name of “bridging cultural gaps through fusion food,” adventurous home cook Josh Scherer—the brain behind Culinary Bro-Downhas created something we don’t need, but suddenly really want to try: Ramen poutine.

Inspired by The Vulgar Chef’s Poutine Sushi—an exemplary exhibition of “Canadian-Japanese diplomacy,” in the words of Thrillist’s Kristen Hunt—this bro wanted to “introduce some lesser-known cultures to the mainstream via fusion food.” Well, I guess we could all be more educated when it comes to Canadian delicacies.

BuzzFeed gets credit for unearthing the ramen poutine recipe. Here’s the ingredient breakdown:

  • ramen bricks, dressed in pre-packaged dressing and cut into fry shapes
  • a “miso oxtail gravy” (instructions for this are complex, so if you want, “just use the powdered gravy mix and some ground up beef jerky”)
  • cheese curds
  • scallions
  • a soft-boiled egg

The instant ramen “fry bricks” are quickly deep-fried to emulate actual fries.
An aerial view of the final product:
We wonder if ramen poutine will taste as good as it looks. Either way, it’s safe to say this isn’t the first poutine mashup creation of this nature.

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