For $12, you can purchase the DMV dog at the Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. Here’s what it is: a footlong D.C. half-smoke smothered with Maryland crab dip and layered with Virginia ham. Grody or delicious? You decide.

News of this spread after sports fan Ryan Kelly encountered it Tuesday night at the Grand Slam Grill in Section 141 and shared a tweet of the shamelessly over-the-top hot dog. The Washington Post reports that before this, it had stood as an obscure menu item since no one had really heard of it (well, we’re sure that they’ve updated it on here somewhere).

Washington Business Journal had previously announced the dog’s recent arrival, but apparently a WP reader said that it’s been here since 2013.

Here’s a similarly atrocious (perhaps more so, in fact) dog, sold at NOLA’s Superdome:

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