We know what you’re thinking: bacon is so over. You don’t want to hear about bacon fat-washed cocktails, bacon-wrapped alligators, or bacon doughnuts.

But what if we told you a bacon grease-fueled motorcycle is being driven from Austin to San Diego. The bike will be the star of a documentary, “Driven by Bacon,” reports Modern Farmer, “where one lucky bacon-phile will ride from Austin to San Diego and talk to other ‘passionate people’ along the way.”

A movie about motorcycles and meat? This is one PR stunt we can get behind. Austin’s KAAL TV spoke to brand manager for Hormel Black Label Bacon, Nick Schweitzer, who explained that Hormel has collaborated with a biodiesel production company to create a B-100 fuel from the company’s bacon grease. Schweitzer explains, “We actually had the grease from our Rochelle, Illinois plant so it is all 100 percent Black Label.”

The fuel for the bike costs about $3.50 a gallon and gets 75 to 100 miles per gallon. And, yes, the exhaust smells like bacon.

The “Driven by Bacon” documentary will premiere in San Diego at the end of August at the International Bacon Film Festival (this event actually exists). Following its journey, the bacon bike will return to Austin, possibly finding a permanent home in the SPAM Museum.

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[via Modern Farmer, KAAL TV]