By now, you may have heard that Momofuku is coming to CityCenterDC in Summer 2015. But when David Chang spoke to the Washingtonian about his excitement at coming home, he made it clear: the DC location won’t be like other Momofuku locations. Well…except for a few things.

Momofuku DC will be bringing Milk Bar.

Both David Chang and Milk Bar genius-in-residence Christina Tosi are excited to be coming back to DC despite success elsewhere, as there’s really no place like home. Tosi spoke to the Washington Post about how involved friends and family are, and how they do things like take care of her dogs while she’s away on Milk Bar business. 

“They feel as much ownership of every Milk Bar as I do. I always wished that one of them would move to New York…Now work actually gets to be near home and near friends.”

Here’s what you need to know about Momofuku opening in D.C.

Momofuku DC will be the biggest Momofuku ever.

momofuku dc

Well, so far. The Washingtonian says it will be 4,500 square feet. Chang told the Washingtonian“It’s an extraordinarily amazing space, but you wouldn’t traditionally associate it with Momofuku.” The press release says it’s located at the corner of 11th and I street. (Photo: Google Maps)

Momofuku DC will have a different menu than other Momofuku locations (except for the pork buns).



David Chang told the Washingtonian about the new menu: “There’s gonna be stuff that we’ve never done before, or that we’ve done, but not done a lot of.”

Then Todd Kliman of the Washingtonian asked, “And pork buns?”

Chang responded, “And pork buns.”

So that’s settled (ish). Chang also said“It’s going to be a Momofuku restaurant but..where I want to take it is to make it a little bit more—not just accessible. It’s going to be exactly what we do and nothing like what we do at the same time.” (Photo: Food, Love, Happiness)

Milk Bar DC will feature items you already know and love.

crack pie

Photo: Flickr/Wally Gobetz

Compost cookies, cereal milk—and yes, crack pie (which Christina Tosi says had nothing to do with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s well-documented problem). She told the Washington Post:

“Crack pie was not created for him. But Torontonians love that it’s available closer to home. The Rob Ford jokes never cease to amaze me.”

Tosi also says that she expects the DC Milk Bar menu to evolve to be location-specific.

“For me, it’s really important that the first Milk Bar in D.C. really feels like the first Milk Bar in New York. It feels like its own thing, its own character.”

Menu items including breads, cookies, and other desserts will be prepared both on-site at Milk Bar DC, and also at Tosi’s production facility in New York. Tosi also told the Washington Post, “My dream is to drive the delivery truck, so I can see my family all the time.”

[via the Washingtonian, the Washington Post]

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