In the latest episode of Mario Batali’s new show The High Road, former NYT food critic Frank Bruni links up with The Orange Clogged One at The Four Seasons Restaurant in midtown Manhattan. It’s 10am, so the two decide it’s about time to start mixing and drinking cocktails.

Bruni doesn’t believe in vodka martinis, so he makes a Hendricks martini for Batali. “The key to a perfect cocktail is the key to great food, in a lot of ways: balance.” He goes on to say that too many cocktail are either way too sweet or veer too far in the other direction.

Batali tells an amusing story about the (First We Feast-approved) bar Persian Aub Zam Zam in San Francisco.

“There was this old bartender who, if you asked for a vodka martini, would ask you to leave his bar and never come back.”

Seems reasonable.

Because one is never enough, Bruni mixes Batali a Star Daisy cocktail with fresh lemon juice, orange curaçao, Applejack, and gin.


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