A cautionary tale for all of you snack fiends out there: A 23-year-old Illinois man is now accused of trying to kill his roommate, a 49-year-old woman, after she ate three of his Chips Ahoy! cookies for breakfast.

The Herald & Review reports that the victim was getting dressed in the bathroom when the man, Allen Hall, pounded on the door and threatened to kill her after discovering his missing cookies. “If you are going to kill me then go ahead,” the woman said, assuming Hall was kidding. He wasn’t, and went full-on cookie monster, throwing her into the bathtub and choking her. The woman’s husband and the landlord came to the rescue, ultimately breaking the two apart.


On this day, which has been dubbed National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day by the association of Random Food Holidays, let us not take our cookies too seriously. No cookie is worth killing over—not even those Chips Ahoy! that have Oreo creme in them.

Hall remains in jail, held on a $75,000 bond.

[via Herald & ReviewTime]