Many of you know the feeling: You walk into an upscale joint, and a little tike is throwing lamb pappardelle all over the place, screaming at the top of his or her lungs, and generally causing a scene. But what can you do, tell a three-year-old to shut his trap? We’d strongly advise against it.

But a growing numbers of restaurants are imposing restrictions or outright bans on children, reports Quartz. Cafes in Berlin have banned strollers and created child-free zonesA ton of restaurants in Korea have closed their doors to children because of safety and legal concerns. Earlier this month, a Texas restaurant began enforcing a rule that prohibits any child under the age of eight from dining past 7pm. There are similar stories from restos in Pennsylvania and all over the country.

On the other side of the playing field, there are a growing number of parents who feel that restaurants, bars, concerts, and music festivals are an acceptable place to bring along baby. Quartz explains the reasoning behind this new-age, bring-baby-along-everywhere philosophy,

“Across the globe, more parents are having children later in life, often at a time-intensive stage of their career when every spare moment with one’s children counts.”


Photo: Quartz

The result of modern-day “over parenting” is as follows: parents convince themselves that their kids should be given every exposure possible, which includes dining out at upscale establishments.

Marketing experts call the ban on kids risky business, reports CBS New York. Hofstra University business professor Dr. Barry Berman says,

“You have a number of people who say ‘if they don’t want my child, I’m not going to go there,’ not just in the evening, ‘I’m not going to go there in the day.’” 

Berman says that because all children aren’t noisy and all adults aren’t quiet, the no-kids policy could leave a bad taste in the mouths of some patrons.

What do you think—are you tired of kids “ruining” your dining experiences, or do you think kids should be allowed to eat out wherever they’d like?


[via Quartz]