In a piece for The Riverfront Times titled, “Cannibal Corpse Singer Crowned Hot Dog Eating Champion,” Daniel Hill perpetuates the Photoshop phenomenon ignited initially by bass dogs and drum fish by mashing heavy metal singers and hot dogs together. More specifically, he created a picture in which metal band Cannibal Corpse frontman George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher holds and sings into a hot dog instead of a microphone. Genius.

Here’s the picture, which drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne posted on his Instagram:

Just to give you some valuable context, here’s the original introduction in Hill’s parodic piece:

[pullquote]”[Fisher] put on an impressive showing at the Gathering of the Juggalos’ Hot Dog Eating Challenge this past weekend, taking home top honors with a staggering score of 112—beating record-holder Joey Chestnut’s top score of 69 by 43 full wieners.”[/pullquote] 

What ensued was MetalSucks’ graphically uncomfortable ode to the wiener-chomping metal singer, with subtle references to bodily dysfunctions like heartburn and indigestion.

Here’s a look at those who toted the hot dog best:

Frank Mullen
Chuck Billy
Axl Rose
Heartburn (or, Trevor Strnad)
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