Ever since we got the big scoop on the dude who had sex with a Hot Pocket and won a James Beard Award for “Best Group Food Blog” (two completely unrelated events), the FWF squad has been devising ways to take this website to the next level.

Phase One of the master plan begins now with the hiring of two new full-time employees to join the team immediately. This is an opportunity to be a part of a brand that is growing rapidly and seeking to redefine entertainment-oriented food coverage. It’s also a chance to eat a lot of nachos and work in an office where, at any given moment, Waka Flocka might walk by your desk and compliment your sweater (shout out to our Complex Media overlords for keeping thing interesting).

Check out the two positions below, then send through your application if you think you’re The One.

Features Editor

The Features Editor will be at the core of our editorial operations, continuing to steer our existing flagship series while expanding the scope and regularity of longform stories, essays, columns, and lists on the site. Seeking out stories that have not been told, or figuring out ways to make more familiar topics feel fresh and engaging, is the name of the game—we need someone who would rather quit media entirely than settle for the status quo. APPLY HERE

Community Manager

We’re also looking for a savvy social media ace to blow out FWF’s presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. The ideal candidate will have a vision for creating and implementing a comprehensive social-media strategy in a crowded landscape, and also be capable of getting involved in promoting the brand in other ways, including off-line events. APPLY HERE

As anyone who reads the site knows, we like our food with a side of pop culture, so familiarity with the “Schmoney Dance” and The Wire is a bonus. But ultimately, we’re looking for ambitious professionals who have the skills and creative energy required to build something new. Both gigs are full-time positions with competitive salary and benefits.