It’s happened to everyone at least once. Maybe you were eating some BBQ chicken while watching a game on TV when a dreadful sadness suddenly took over—you know, the sadness of wanting to change the channel on the remote, but your hands were to sticky to touch it.

It’s one of life’s most universal miseries. South Korea’s got this, though.

Some South Korean manufacturing heroes decided that enjoying fried chicken, sloppy burgers, and greasy pizza shouldn’t prevent you from touching all the things you want to touch.

Enter the FingerNap.

fingernap 2

Thanks to the handy drawings above, we have a reasonably good understanding of how this device can change our lives, even though we don’t read Korean.

fingernap 1

FingerNaps even come in handy travel packs, so you can take them with you to picnics, or pull them out when you’re going to a stadium and don’t want to wait in line to wash your hands.

fingernap instructions

The company optimistically touts FingerNaps as being more economical than napkins. It also suggests that putting plastic prophylactics over your fingers is a more sanitary way to enjoy food

fingernap guide

Some of the FingerNap’s suggested uses make sense, especially “having a taste.” But we’re not really sure why anyone would try using these for cleaning instead of some actual gloves.

fingernap people 1

fingernap people 2

Don’t believe the cheerful cartoon drawings? Here are some photos of real people using real FingerNaps to eat real food.

They’re even showing up on Instagram. Seriously.

Do they look like finger condoms? A little. But not as much as finger cots do. If you’ve ever worked in a commercial kitchen, or other industrial environments where your fingers are likely to get cut a lot (and you need to keep your Band-Aids covered), you may have seen these in your First Aid kit. We had the blue ones, and we used to call them “Smurf condoms.”

finger cots

Photo: QSource

These ones even roll up and down like actual condoms, and they come in a wide variety of novelty colors.

[via International Business Times Australia]

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