If your knowledge of Filipino food is limited to duck embryos you saw someone eating on TV once, you’re missing out. The Philippines have a rich and varied culinary history influenced by the Spaniards and the Chinese, resulting in dishes like lumpia shanghai (spring rolls filled with minced meat) and arroz caldo (Filipino congee with chicken and ginger).

If you’re lucky enough to live in New York, you’ll find yourself surrounded by solid Pinoy spots—just head to Ihawan or Jolibee in Woodside, Queens’ Little Manila, or make your way to Ditmas Park to dig into sisig and halo halo at Purple Yam. Are you adverse to the outer boroughs? Well, that’s a shame; but lucky for you, downtown Manhattan has seen more than a few awesome Filipino spots open in the last few years. Filipino food is the ultimate fusion cuisine, and we can’t get enough.

Here are our five favorite Filipino spots in NYC.