Bananas are way too damn healthy. It’s a shame that nature didn’t stuff bananas with chocolate, caramel, and marshmallow for you—but DestapaBanana is here to save the fruit from its intrinsic averageness.

The magical machine lets you inject bananas—still in their peel—with all kinds of fillings. Argentine Sebastian Berger, who invented the DestapaBanana, says its an “easy and hygenic way to add zest to bananas.” Yes, he used the word “zest” and we don’t hate it.

The machine is akin to an apple corer in that it bores a hole into the unpeeled banana, which can then be filled with anything—chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, kale puree, or pure glucose.



Here, Berger demonstrates how to use the must-have machines.

Serious question: Why are South Americans so much better than us?

dulce[via Gizmodo]

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