Award-winning barber Miguel Rosas of Moline, Illinois has rightfully earned his name in the haircut hall of fame. Rosas is known for masterfully shaving cuts inspired by characters such as Steve Jobs and Venom from Spiderman (see pictures below). But the barber has outdone himself this time, creating a haircut that depicts KFC’s famous spokesperson, Colonel Sanders for one of his lucky clients.

Afterwards, the two of them went into a local KFC, where all the employees stopped working and started snapping pictures of the haircut.

WQAD reports that a KFC district manager rang Rosas up later in the day, asking to see the design. Rosas’ prize for the cut? Stacks of free KFC vouchers for life.

Rosas tells WQAD, “[The district manager] told me that they wanted to possibly get my work on the KFC website and possibly use it on a commercial.”

This coiffeur has been cutting hair since he was 13, and has won 19 trophies for competing in professional contests all over the country.

Says Rosas of his art,

“When somebody comes in, they are coming in with their hair all grown out. You’re turning nothing into something.”

Here are some of his most famous designs:

Steve Jobs

Photo: Facebook


Photo: WQAD


Photo: Facebook 

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