Matt Holford, chief technology officer at, has raised a critical issue for us all to consider immediately. The standard at which the quality of coffee is held in an office is directly related to the level of fondness employees have for their workplace.

In an editorial for Fast Company, “Don’t Skimp on Coffee: A CTO’s Plea,” he proclaims his firm love for coffee, then goes on to describe what a well-stocked office kitchen should have: the office had “an Aeropress, pourovers, two single-cup French presses, a good grinder, a Breville kettle, fresh beans, even a scale.” This, he says, is what the equipment at an office full of coffee geeks look like. Then, he throws a line that speaks an undeniable truth…

If you’re looking for an office Rosetta Stone, a way to assess company culture across industries, coffee is it. 

At one of his earlier magazine jobs, he witnessed the downgrade of Keurig java cups in the kitchen as they went from high-budget, fair-trade roasts to sketchier brands. He ultimately resorted to maintaining his own stack of Oren’s Daily Roast beans and personal Hario hand grinder.

In his mind, the downgrade in coffee quality pointed to one steady trend. He says,

“The coffee cutoff was a leading indicator of more bad decisions upper management was about to make: laying off important staff, gutting IT management, and leaving us who remained feeling that this ship was not only rudderless, but also sinking.”

There can only be one solution, he argues. To facilitate bonding and good-quality relaxation during coffee breaks, offices need to improve on amassing coffee gear, like brewers, kettles, and pourovers, as well as source good beans. In his words, “The workplace cup is an affordable luxury.”

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