To the naysayers out there who don’t believe that ordinary household appliances can perform extraordinary functions—you’re about to get schooled.

In an act that can only be described as Ultimate Human Resourcefulness, a man utilized his compact washing machine (a “5.2-kg load model”) to cook meat and potatoes into an almost appealing-looking soup dish, reports RocketNews24.


After prepping his protein and starch, the man tosses the ingredients into the washing machine, setting it at 95-degrees Celsius tumble. “Make sure you set it to NOT drain the water, because that water is going to be your soup,” warns the news report.

The process will look something like this:
Check on the cooking through the machine door. Cooking should take around one hour.
After the cooking is finished—you’ll be able to tell this, obviously, when the meat loses its raw color—add some salt and ginger to add flavor. Scoop out all that goodness, and proceed to drain the hot broth with a huge ladle. 
You’ll end up with this. Doesn’t look half bad, right? 

See the full (alas, subtitle-less) video here:

[via RocketNews24]